Refuge Homes | 8+ Star Energy Ratings
Refuge Homes is a building business which has recognised the requirement for change in the building market in Australia and has been driven to supply a superior product.
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Easily Achieving an 8 star energy rating

The current building code requirement for residential dwellings is a 6 star energy rating. With Refuge Homes you can easily achieve at least an 8 star energy rating resulting in significant reduction of your energy costs.


What the Stars Mean

Put simply; A star rating indicates how much artificial heating and cooling is required to maintain comfortable living conditions within the home i.e. Zero stars means the building shell does practically nothing to reduce the discomfort of hot or cold weather. Whereas, a 10 star home is unlikely to need any artificial cooling or heating. Optimal star ratings (also known as thermal performance) are achieved by clever design and construction. Refuge homes are proud to provide homes that thermally perform 30% more optimally than an average new home- keeping your home cool in Summer and warm in Winter at considerably reduced cost.