Refuge Homes | Quiet House With External Noise Infiltration Below 25 Db
Refuge Homes is a building business which has recognised the requirement for change in the building market in Australia and has been driven to supply a superior product.
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Quiet House With External Noise Infiltration Below 25 Db

With clever design for each individual house Refuge Homes can provide less than 25 decibels [dB] noise infiltration. This market leading achievement is derived around years of research and development, driven by the intent of providing a superior product that all Refuge Homes clients reap the reward.   The sound insulation properties of concrete floors, walls and roof with the inclusion of incisive site specific designed acoustics and insulation provides the optimum in the elimination of both airborne sound and impact sound alike.   The design intent of every Refuge home providing the optimum in restricted noise infiltration provides a serenity within the home to be personally observed to appreciate the benefits in its entirety.